Wing Commander Prophecy

Done in polies and x texture, so can be used in pretty much any game or mod around. Windows and Game Boy Advance. You can help by adding to it. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. The Midway has barely returned to Sol System when some of her best pilots are transferred.

Dani Behr voiced the onboard computer, also named Dani. Was this review helpful to you?

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This section needs expansion. Armada featured both an action and a strategy game mode and several multiplayer options. Retribution story and concept you may be familiar with. Labyrinth of Worlds Online.

This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Battles are lost on all fronts, casualties are mounting, and the Concordia is destroyed. Origin Systems Electronic Arts. Oh that magnificent backlight!

Wing Commander CIC

It's time for a new generation of pilots to take the helm! You just met and pissed off Maniac, a legend in his own mind. In regular intervals, new episodes were released, each featuring several new missions with the storyline told through in-game cutscenes. The first one, the Midway herself, is undergoing her shakedown cruise, with Blair along for the ride. To discuss topics such as news, pricing, or community, use our forums.

The Nephilim return, this time much closer to Earth. The Cerberus continues to police systems for Nephilim presence as it moves on, eventually reaching the Proxima System, where the aliens are building a new wormhole gate. Also, recently a number of fan-made mods based on the game's engine has been developed and distributed. Support Game technical issues.

Wing Commander Prophecy

Wing Commander 5 Prophecy Gold Edition

It was at first only available as a free download. The Orb of Celestial Harmony Windwalker. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. The Confederation decides its time to retire some of the old guard to make room for new hotshot pilots. The Price of Freedom retained the storytelling-style of its predecessor, using live-action cutscenes with an ensemble cast of actors.

The game supports two players, one as the Kilrathi Empire and one as the Terran Confederation rules modifications may be made to allow teams of players instead. Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games. Play as a Privateer trying to make a living in space defending bases, fighting off pirates, delivering stock goods or helping the government's scouts. The story's final sequence was innovative in that dialogue choices made by the player affected the outcome of the hearing.

Wing Commander novel series. Wing Commander Academy video game.

Subsequent missions may become increasingly harder as the enemy gains an upper hand on the operational theater. The special effects for a game this old are out of this world. Hey, I'm O'Hearn, they call me Zero.

Prophecy Gold Edition in library. Match your wits and skill in space combat against an all-new alien threat whose coming was foretold by an ancient Kilrathi prophecy of the end of the universe. Prophecy px Basic Information Type s. This article needs additional citations for verification. Several novels based on the games have been released by Baen Books.

But he finds out that a conspiracy of war-mongers with members in the highest Confed circles are responsible for the attacks. The Terran Confederation is an alliance of systems and regional governments which provide unified protection and economic growth.

Concerned, but massively outnumbered, the Confederation ships must retreat, but they soon learn from a Kilrathi defector that Firekka has been chosen as the place for a holy Kilrathi ceremony. Attacks are then resolved by comparison of the aggressor's Attack value with the defender's Defense value with Support values from allied ships augmenting as appropriate. No one knows who or what these new aggressors are, but there is definitely a lot of them, and the Midway soon finds herself on the defensive. See our Video Games Guide for more.

Wing Commander CICWing Commander 5 Prophecy Gold Edition

Finally, while Casey and Manley are assisting a wing of Kilrathi fighters, Hawk advises that they turn on the furballs in revenge for old grievances. Wing Commander is a media franchise consisting of space combat simulation video games from Origin Systems, chemdraw software with serial key Inc.

Peace has finally come to the Confederation, or so it seems. Through the course of the Vega campaign, the player can gain numerous promotions and medals and fly in various squadrons, each featuring a different fighter. See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you. Edit Storyline Twelve years after the end of the Kilrathi war, the Terran Confederation must once again call upon its military to defend itself against a new and unknown alien menace.

The games were all notable for their storytelling through extensive cutscenes. Blair must hunt them down and face Jazz in one final showdown. Christopher Blair Novels Animated series Film. After a perfunctory ending movie, the credits roll.

The packs were instead made available for download on the Origin website. Origin announced that development of the game had been canceled shortly after the magazine was published. When the player's priceless Steltek Gun is stolen, he embarks on a quest that will bring him into conflict with the Luddite-like Church of Man and their shady leader, Mordecai Jones.

Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers. Hand-picking the best in gaming. Through the player's heroic efforts, the Confederation is able to destroy the Kilrathi's sector headquarters and drive them from the Vega sector. Casey, alongside the rest of the Midway pilots, must fight through their forces to the wormhole through which they have emerged, and attempt to stifle their threat.

This game featured a completely open-ended gameplay, with the player able to completely ignore the main storyline if they so desired. Stiletto intends to test the rookie pilot's reputation and see if he is up to the challenge when under pressure. Blair is soon recalled to active duty and sent to the Border Worlds to confirm Confed's determination. Each card lost results in the loss of one Power Point as well. No activation or online connection required to play.

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Wing Commander 5 Prophecy Gold Edition on

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For a full rundown, check out our ten year anniversary memories here and a recent retrospective written by Raylight co-founder Massimiliano Di Monda here. In retribution, the Confederation plans a daring raid, Operation Thor's Hammer. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings.

Wing Commander Prophecy