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Find More Posts by gsparx. Hi, this was very helpfull and yall run a good site, but it is still not working for me. However, it can be changed at any time so that it fits your taste. Hello Gspax, I have updated the tutorial to include the default settings to help change them back. Windows Vista appearance help?

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If I hit the advanced button it does have a clunky menu for changing the color of windows and fonts and such. My friend messed up the colours of the windows, taskbar and start menu, and when I changed the colour of the windows back, the taskbar and start menu colours stayed very dark. Can I boot a different os from another drive?

Hi, does anyone know how you can create a start up script that default enables one of the customized colors of Vista? However there appears to be no way to change the colors of the scheme. Hi the tutorial is very helpful, but when im at the appearence setting there is no window aero. However just a few days ago, my taskbar automatically turned black. If anybody has an idea or a similar problem, my email is ralizeiro gmail.

Is there software I can download or buy to get these things back? Now it shows the screenshots with the Appearance Settings menu. How do I convert a Jpg image file to a Png image file? That was the solution, my computer is showing the same options at the tutorial now.

If some of your fonts look a bit funny in Windows Vista and you have an older, non-ClearType monitor, you might want to consider turning off ClearType. Does anyone know how to fix this? Just write a letter, don't want to buy Microsoft ward? The color I had it set to became the original solid light blue.

Is there a program that plays whichever video? Hi, I am using windows themes but I dont see steps when I try to change windows color. In this window you can change the color of the windows, start menu and taskbar.

Don't know wat i did for this to happen! And only the background changes. Before this, it used to show the screenshots above.

But by adjusting the ClearType for your specific monitor, you can smooth out any remaining choppiness and improve the appearance of ClearType fonts. Great, simple, perfect instructions.

If I open the appearance settings I have the option of selecting a color scheme, such as what I use which is Windows Vista Basic color scheme. It seems like i used to have aero and all that but its gone now. Hello Koolam, and welcome to Seven Forums. If so, could you give me a website or a link? What card or chip do you have?

Found the solution to this prob! What version of Windows Vista do you have? When I click on window color and appearance it asks me what program I want to open the file control.


Its no longer easy to change window colors? You will now find all the menus and options described above. It used to be like the new one first one and I want it back like that. What can i do to fix this problem.

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This didn't happen when I changed the colours when I first got the computer. Rest of the instructions are for Windows Vista. After re-installing, none of these things are doable? If you move the sliders right or left you will see the color of the windows and taskbar changing. The list of colors would come up, as in the picture.

Find More Posts by koolam. Answer Questions I use Youtube Converter to convert my music into files. In this article I will show you how to do it.

In the Appearance Settings dialog box, click the Effects button. Before reinstalling I was able to change the color scheme, and now i cant. Unfortunately this does not change the colors I see when using windows. My laptop has randomly set to Windows Classic. For almost all people, almost all the time, it works very well indeed.

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So, this was probably pretty stupid, but I changed some of the settings and now I can't remember what the defaults are. Let me know if you needed another setting instead. Unfortunately it does not appear to work. Right-click any empty space on the desktop and select Personalize.

Window Color and Appearance - Change. It doesn't have enough memory to support Aero. Any ideas that could help me out?

Windows Vista Color and Appearance? How do i get my windows vista appearance back? By default, excel projects all your windows will have a light blue color. That's because Aero was taken out of this version of Vista.

It was driving me crazy for weeks! If you have this version, you won't be able to enable Aero and use it. Color combination can look fuzzy. Everytime i try to change my theme, i stick with the same ol windows taskbar color.

Windows Vista Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

Mine isn't like either examples. Also, I was able to hover over tabs on the task-bar and see a thumbnail preview.

How do i get my windows vista appearance back

You need to make sure your graphics card drivers are installed, then enable Aero. Unless you change the theme of your desktop, that shade of black will always remain. Koolam, That would be why. One of the graphical changes in Windows Vista is the fact that, if Aero is enabled, the titlebars and borders of each window are translucent. Is there any way to reset them?