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He's so full of interesting surprises himself you won't need soap operas, women's magazines and tete-a-tetes with girl friends to keep your mind and emotions challenged. The danger area is before he's over the shock. That way, you won't be expecting Priscilla Alden and get Pocahontas.

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She'll usually be the first to wear a new fad, no matter how zany it is, yet she can also stick to Grandma's styles-even great-grandma's styles. However, once he forms an opinon, it remains firmly fixed in his brain, and I do mean firmly. Some people might jump to the hasty conclusion this is the mother-instinct, but they would be wrong. The first thing you may have to do is decide which kind of Aquarian you have employed.

Because he knows what makes you tick. What's more, you can share their homes, their workplaces, and their playgrounds and toys. And chances are even this type won't pursue it actively and openly. The chances are just as good that he'll suddenly realize he's devoting his complete loyalty to you when there are all those other nameless faces out there who need him.

Maybe Tommy didn't wash his hands the third time he was told, but she's more interested in what he learned in science class. They can carry on a complicated discussion and still not miss an inflection of what's happening in the other part of the room, if they decide to tune in. What she says will come true, perhaps after many delays and troubles, jewish lesbian dating site but it will come true.

If you're looking for a passion flower, you've picked the wrong daisy. His mind and body must both be as free as the wind.

Unlike the Aries or Leo boss, he won't exert energy trying to convince you that you're making a mistake in voting for that man, dating that girl or wearing that color tie. He was then dating her older sister, Lady Sarah.

She'll wear a sweater backwards, mix her brandy with milk, arrange flowers in a fish bowl, rinse her hair in shaving lotion or make a rock garden on your desk. About the only thing you can do is hope you'll still be attractive at ninety or else start practicing those Venus orbits. You can count on it, even set your watch by his punctuality, and you'd better not be late yourself.

You'll notice I said generally. Few Uranus men are either selfish or petty. That's a big fat waste of time.

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But confess now, under it all he really is rather a lovable old dear, isn't he? Encourage him to participate in physical activity or a harmful inertia can take over and hell daydream the hours away. Since Uranus rules the future, you might imagine that these girls would be natural mothers.

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True Aquarians will often adopt the pose of the drooping head when they're thinking about a problem, or just after they've asked a question. Your Aquarian girl will probably have an unusual way of wearing her hair. You can shake their hands and give them a hug.

On the other hand, don't ever attempt to dictate his personal code to him, either. Ignore him and he'll soon be walking around town on those home-made stilts, as alert and inquisitive as ever. Not because he's trusting by nature, but because his analytical dissection has already satisfied him about your character. He'll feel right at home there, too. There's a good, sensible reason.

Uranus features are finely chiseled, suggestive of Roman emperors cut on old gold coins. You're lucky if he explains even once just exactly why he thinks you're on the wrong track. Then you happened to look down under the table-and there were his feet tapping the rug impatiently, clad in neat black dress shoes, wearing one blue sock and one yellow sock. The solution is to be that first love. It can be any dme you want it to be.

The head drops abruptly forward, or cocks to one side, waiting for your reaction. But before you start tricking him, you'd better try to understand how to cope with his unique outlook about people. No flinching or wishful thinking. Expect her to probe into your heart until you haven't a secret left, or a dream that hasn't been analyzed.

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Even those he hasn't met yet. Her hair won't look like the hair of any other female on this planet.

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They can give an impression of smooth whipped cream, then suddenly switch to salty pizza as quickly as a bright, blue, zig-zag bolt of Uranian electricity. They can lead you west, then suddenly turn and march east, without warning. He does have a desire to know about it, however, and you may find it hard to escape that probing Uranus curiosity when it comes to your private affairs.

She also organised her public duties around their timetables. It can't be done, and besides, who in the world would want to try? Like all Aquarians, she may have an unconscious fear that desire for one person will imprison the spirit in some way, and keep her from being true to her one great love-freedom. He'd rather keep it loose, because he doesn't like to be pinned down to specific duties or obligations at specific times. He'll find something there.

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There are a few of them who could grace the cover of a fashion magazine, but the average Aquarian girl is anything but conventional about her costumes. Heaven knows they need it.