Video Songs Of Film Rowdy Rathore

That's what a dead formula film is supposed to be. To put it simply, websites for ing psp games for the film is to Akshay what Wanted was for Salman! Akshay Kumar learnt a special combat karate technique for his character role in the film. Rowdy Rathore is a one time watch. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rowdy Rathore.

Rowdy Rathore Theatrical release poster. Rathore dies holding Shiva's hand. It had seen the best word of mouth since Dabangg which is reflected in trending of its first three-week run. The officers narrated the whole incident to Shiva.

While chasing a goon to find his daughter, Rathore gets hit by an auto and his brain endures severe trauma. He sets Baabji's liquor factory on fire and distributes the grains and money back to the villagers. It is revealed that Rathore is watching the whole thing from the top of a building. During the shooting for a climax scene, Akshay hurt his shoulder.

Films by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Shiva fears Paro will catch him with Chinki and he will lose her forever. At the hospital, Shiva realizes that the railway station woman is, in fact, a real police officer, Insp.

Rathore, being the next target, moves back to the balcony, where Munna falls by slipping bullet, which Rathore puts and gets hanged by the belt of a humiliated inspector. Rathore requests Shiva to take care of his daughter. She apologizes to him and vows that she will also take care of Chinki.

Watch it for him, lest he feels bad for jumping on the South remake bandwagon too late to get any attention. Shiva is soon surrounded by the goons. Tamil actor Vijay play a special appearances in this movie. Shiva promises and says that Chinki is now his daughter. Theatrical release poster.

Video songs of film rowdy rathore

Shiva vows to complete Rathore's unfinished work. After a few days, Shiva gets fed up with Chinki and breaks the tape recorder she uses to listen to her late mother's voice.

Rowdy Rathore VideosVideo songs of film rowdy rathore

Chinki thinks that he is her father. The cast and crew went to Dubai as part of promotional tour. There, a goon called Baapji Nassar and his son Munna trouble, torture and annex money from the villagers. After Shiva hears the whole story, the doctors say that Rathore doesn't have much time left. The rights of the Tamil Version were secured by Star Vijay.

Rowdy Rathore

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Soon, the goons who are after Rathore see Shiva. His brain injury gets worse but he eventually kills every goon by himself.

The actor takes charge of the film from the first scene and holds it tight all through. Baapji arranges a party celebrating Munna's release. Vikramarkudu and its remakes. Sanjay Leela Bhansali Ronnie Screwvala. He finds a photo of Chinki and her father, who looks exactly like Shiva, thus realizing why Chinki thinks Shiva is her father.

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At the party, Munna humiliates the police officers and makes them pull their pants down. He is then assumed to be dead.

Rathore immediately arrests Munna for raping Vishal Sharma's wife but he is released because of Baapji's political influence. Just as Shiva is about to get stabbed, Rathore jumps down, killing one of the goons.

Video songs of film rowdy rathoreVideo songs of film rowdy rathore

In a heavy climax, Shiva eventually kills Baapji and Titla. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While the police officers are getting ready to bury him, he starts breathing, having survived.

It is also Bhansali's first film as a solo producer and in action genre. The line Chinta Ta Ta Ta and part of its music has been borrowed from the original song of its Telugu version which was confirmed by Wajid. Feeling guilty, he fixes the recorder and becomes fond of Chinki, taking care of her. Thinking he is Rathore, they start chasing him. Unfortunately, Paro sees this and believes he has a daughter that he hid from her and Paro leaves for Patna heartbroken.

Rowdy Rathore

Video songs of film rowdy rathore

Rowdy Rathore Videos

He takes on Rathore's identity and goes to Devgarh with Chinki to take revenge. He tells her the truth about being a thief and resolves to give up crime because he loves Paro dearly. Keeravani Background Score Sandeep Chowta. Paro finds out the truth, and that Shiva will now always be Vikram Rathore.

Shiva and Chinki flee for their lives and encounter the woman from the railway station and the police officer from earlier, who tells Shiva to run. Puzzled, he is forced to keep Chinki with him, as a police officer Vishal Sharma Yashpal Sharma keeps his eye on him. Go for it if you must, but don't expect the earth from it. Mrigank Dhaniwala for Koimoi. The next morning, he learns that her mother died.

Shiva and the goons are shocked to see the identical-looking Rathore. The doctor tells him that the brain injury is serious enough to put his life in danger. Rathore locks Shiva and Chinki in a cell for safety and starts fighting the goons.

Everybody promises not to disclose this to anyone. The officers then took Rathore to Mumbai for treatment. The people of Devgarh are now safe. Is this what they deserve?