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Using and Styling HTML5 Meter Guide

It gives a yellow color to the meter element when the value attribute falls outside the low-high range. If unspecified, or if less than the minimum value, the low value is equal to the min value. We can get rid of the default bevel and emboss by resetting it to none. This experiment shows the various states of the meter element under different combination of input values for each attribute.

This sleek, easy to read meter goes with you and delivers fast, accurate results from a tiny blood sample. This perhaps leaves us only with the fallback approaches that will be discussed in the next section.

Represents the current value of the meter gauge that can be used to style the properties of the meter gauge value. Learn About the FreeStyle Family.

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This must be less than the max attribute, but greater than the low and min value if specified. This must be greater than the min attribute, but less than the high and max value if specified. Buy product and Store location near you.

Enter Your Physician Information. Each color in background linear gradient represents the space consumed by the sub-categories like - Apps, Movies, Photos etc. The idea is to simulate the appearance of a meter gauge using div and span inside the meter tag. This is all nice and good but I think this tag is totally unnecessary.

Before we start with the examples and go in-depth, let us take a quick look into its list of attributes below, more about these attributes like their defaults, etc. Does your insurance cover test strips? Abbott Laboratories is providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement of the linked site by Abbott Laboratories.

The HTML5 meter Element

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If you are like me, the above spec wouldn't make much sense until we dive deep into the implementation. To my knowledge, no stable version of Internet Explorer supports the meter element. But I think you are still using an arbitrary number to decide on a maximum value.

In addition, the User-Agent stylesheet of WebKit provides a wealth of information on how you can use various pseudo classes to access different states of the meter element. But unlike the progress bar, euro car simulator 2 full version the meter bar is not to be used to show progress. Gives a red color to the meter element when the value and the optimum attributes fall outside the low-high range but in opposite zones. It gives a green color to the meter element when the value attribute falls inside the low-high range. Same thing if I want to represent someone with a gb hard drive and another guy with a gb one.

Gives a yellow color to the meter element when the value attribute falls outside the low-high range. With this tag, you would see a perfect semantic representation of the chart.

Close Search Search Hongkiat. What would your max value be for weight or height? The requested information already exists.

This state has been documented in the article under Attributes section. The snapshot below has been grabbed from the forms. However you might decide that anyone outside two standard deviations from the mean is either low or high and you might want to reflect that for some preferably non-discriminatory reason. Do you have a Prescription?

Pharmacy Information Name Phone. If unspecified, or if greater than the max value, the high value is equal to the max value. This helps the users know when they are reaching the storage limit.

If you conducted a survey of the heights of people in your workplace, then you would have a max and min value when you report it. The scenario that DarrenM described is a perfect use-case for the meter element.

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When used with the low and high attribute, it indicates the preferred zone for a given range. This is how the three regions are divided. Hence, it shows the default green color. Survey Code has already been used.