Soft Piano Background Music

The majestic and mysterious sounds of violins allow using this track as an accompaniment to the saga about vampires or valiant knights of the Middle Ages. Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring piano, electric guitars and strings. Doomed to immortality Free. Used piano, viola, violins, strings staccato, sub. The music filled with various performing nuances.

Slow piano background music

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Bright, cheerful acoustic pop music background with positive, joyful mood. This is beautiful and touching cinematic music with warm atmospheric sound. The melody varies with different instruments, namely oboe, flute, and cello. Inspired by Game of Thrones main theme. Great background tune for atmospheric time-lapse videos, romantic reflective films, slideshows and other.

Also, the track may be appropriate as a piece of background music for a documentary about religious events. Featured instruments are piano, celli, viola, violins. An excellent choice for summer holidays videos, carefree days, flying kites, forest campfire, and other leisure activities. The main instrument piano with violin and synthetic choir in the background.

Slow piano background music

Happy, easy going, and cheerful sound. Beautiful sad to happy piano orchestral classical track with the inspirational, yet patriotic mood. Suitable for projects that need romantic feel, thoughtfulness or even a classical touch. Ideal for podcasts, vlogs, presentations, videos etc. Perfect background audio for any business projects, analytical and marketing videos, trade and web development projects or any other projects.

Cinematic emotional background, reminiscent of hollywood composers likeThomas Newman and film scores like Shawshank Redemption. Calm composition sounding a bit minimalistic. Great usage in catchy Youtube story, traveling videos, stories of success, innovation technologies, motivational projects, the unforgettable journey. This is bright and shiny uplifting music with inspiring energy and motivational mood. The music has cinematic feel and mood, could also be useful in kinda discovery films.

Royalty free Piano music

Piano music is another one of those genres that will probably never die. Beautiful upbeat acoustic pop track featuring hand clap, acoustic guitar and ukulele, whistle, upbeat acoustic drums, etc. This is great for romantic video and documentary. Happy Sun is super happy, uplifting, corporate motivational royalty free track.

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The down-tempo background music track brings feelings of remorse and regret. Although the overall rhythm of the song is rather stable, in the penultimate part there are small tempo variations. Ideal for motivational speeches, love story, wedding videos, sad film and other. Perfect for royalty-free business music, podcast background music, inspiring presentation, video or motivational slideshow, and for many other purposes.

This composition creates a peaceful, nostalgic and pensive mood. Inspirational, motivational and light background tune with beautiful and atmospheric melody.

This modern pop rock and indie style track is featured by electric guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, strings, electric bass, and catchy drums. Bright uplifting background track for your corporate media projects. Would also work perfectly for animated cartoon production, advertisements, a wide range of promotional media, commercials and more. Usually when you hear a piano, it is accompanied by an orchestra, a voice ensemble, or some other instrument.

Upbeat and motivational background track with Acoustic strum guitar, electric guitar melody, piano and strings. Best for urban love, walking the streets, city life, contemplative thoughts. The piano is one of the most commonly found instruments in the world, so it's no surprise that piano music is so popular. Featuring acoustic guitars, piano and tasteful percussion. Orchestral and victorious hybrid orchestral with a powerful and dramatic sound.

Nevertheless, it can be successfully used as a cinematic soundscape. This is powerful motivational and strong inspirational music with optimistic and positive feeling. The brain is sinking deeper into the memories and images in the mind becoming brighter.

Wonderful background audio for any family videos, wedding, love stories, travel stories or other emotional projects. Perfect for presentations, slideshow, voice-over, advert, youtube or any other visual production.

The song is optimal for scoring tragic films and episodes. Emotional hopeful classical track with heartful and a tender feeling mood.

Made with electric muted guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, and soft drums. Used electric guitar, piano, sid and nancy movie rhodes and soft drums.

This track is suitable as background music in film, television, advertisements, corporate videos, youtube, etc. Magical happy Christmas song track.


Gentle piano chords washed with electronic zonal background synths create a spacious, yet slightly futuristic ambient atmosphere. Featuring piano, a light drum loop and various fx, this would be ideal for videos, podcasts, etc.

Slowly building up an emotional and inspiring piano with an expansive and wide orchestra. Consists of a piano, strings, percussion and other instruments. Suitable for reflective moments, sensitive love story, romantic scene, science discovery, film, slideshow. This is stylish and catchy synth pop music with groovy beat and modern electronic sound.

Perfect arrangement for a romantic love story, wedding ceremony, celebration of the victory, fantasy movie soundtrack, a new beginning, birth of the new life, and more. This music will be great for ambient music and background usages. The track is most saturated with the tonal variations of the main melody.

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Soft piano sounds and flute on the background looks very lively. Inspirational, emotional and moving music track, featuring piano, electric guitars, background strings, bass and drums. Serenity piano chords in the first part of the track gradually turn into a nostalgic recollection of bygone times, which is created by a violin in the background. Whether solo or in a group, the piano is an instrument we all love.