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Learning how to live with your focus in the present will change your life. Maltz was a plastic surgeon who discovered something fascinating. Yet through the experience he overcame his shyness. Specifically, feeling ashamed about who you are as a person.

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Many people with social anxiety will find this book very relevant and useful. The second part of the book gives tips to overcome social anxiety. The second half of the book, which tried to teach more practical social skills, polaczenie online dating I thought was only okay at best. Purchase on Amazon Conclusion I hope you find this list of books for social anxiety useful! Aziz starts the book by showing that a better understanding of your fears and social anxiety is the first step to change.

There are some books out there specifically about mindfulness for anxiety, but in my opinion those are usually missing some of the magic and clarity found in this book. And this is what causes most of your anxiety, frustration and unhappiness. Most of the communication skills books out there are full of bad or too-simple advice.

Feeling Good and Intimate Connections by Dr. And you will feel in control of your own life instead of feeling like a helpless victim of other people.

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These are the same types of techniques you may learn from a typical therapist, but tailored towards social anxiety sufferers.

Glover talks about, you will become a much more confident person. Then in each chapter explains how you can improve each part.

Have you read any of these books? This is the strongest section of the book, in my opinion. It will teach you how to have healthy relationships and become a stronger man. Intimate Connections is a book meant for people struggling with shyness or loneliness.

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The cure for shame prescribed in the book is vulnerability, having the courage to slowly open up to people and share more of yourself. It starts off with the idea that your thoughts cause your feelings. Presence, Power, and Warmth. The beginning of the book will teach you how to be happy on your own. Surprisingly, this is how you stop being needy and turning people off.