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In level two, he most often teleports off-screen or just out of the character's line of sight, but is capable of appearing directly in front of the player. And then nothing as the game ends and the credits roll. Charlie realizes that something is stalking him and begins to look for a way out, only to find a dead end and be captured by Slender Man, while screaming for help. On screen, she finds herself watching Kate hurriedly scribbling upon papers.

Kate screams that she can't, and runs away. She is visiting Kate, who recently lost her mother and is selling her house, when she discovers that Kate was attacked the night before, and subsequently sets out to find her. The video is of Kate, now controlled by the player, who has to secure her home from the Slender Man. Lauren - The game's protagonist and main, playable character. There is also a secret building outside the boundaries of the map that might have been intended as the original replacement for the silo.

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While looking at the Slender Man, the camera succumbs to electronic distortions such as static, blurring, color spots, audio distortion, etc. Read more about it in the blog post. Lauren's camera turns back on temporarily to show someone's legs being dragged away. She continues moving forward, reaching a small storage outpost for the now abandoned mining facility.

After finding two documents, Charlie disappears. Charlie pursues him at every turn and eventually chases him away. This chapter allows the player to take control of Charlie, while playing on the beach with his family having a picnic.

Lauren narrowly escapes her attacker in the hallways of the radio tower building and looks for a key needed to unlock a door. Intrigue getting the better of her, Lauren watches the tape. It is unknown whether this is a glitch or an in-game mechanic. He is decayed and starved of all recognizable features. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community.

Slender Man begins to stalk her. During this, she is also harassed by the Slender Man. As she ventures deeper into the park searching for the eight drawings, scopaesthesia causes her to encounter a tall, faceless figure named Slender Man. The Arrival and thus is confirmed to be fictional. The Arrival website, usb security licence key followed by four on the Blue Isle Studio website.

She was hunted by Slender Man, became insane, and now is subsequently turned into proxy. As she traverses, she finds a teddy bear on the side of the trail. This may attribute to her not answering him as he mentions in later letters. The third tape shows Charlie playing on the beach and after collecting a trail of toy trains that lead him into the woods, he is caught by Slender Man.

Off-topic Review Activity. Lauren does manage to escape both the Chaser and Slender Man and use the lift to get out of the mine.

Slender The Arrival

Lauren walks down a path to Kate's home. Blue Isle Studios Midnight City consoles. As she explores the closed valley, she finds that she must enter a dark tunnel into a mountain that, as is alluded to in a collectible newspaper article, was created by Kullman Mining Co.

In this level, the main antagonist is a girl who chases the player most often following her path directly, but has been seen teleporting. Various scraps of old paperwork reveal the mine to have been abandoned in a hurry, crediting seemingly random and unexplained attacks upon the crew to the closure of the mine. On Kate's desk is a paper with writing. You are in front of the house where there are a series of distortion all around the environment and the graphics are slightly low. In the Steam Update, there's a book with sketches, and then there's a door.

In level three, he pursues much less aggressively, though is capable of teleporting directly in front of the player. In it, Kate is wandering around a park at night, when she finds a page with disturbing images and text on it. There are also new choices in difficulty which must first be unlocked by completing the game once being easy, normal, and hardcore. Along the way, she collects eight of the pieces of paper with Kate's mad scribblings on them, and is harassed by the Slender Man. This defaults to your Review Score Setting.

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Kate then runs back to her room where Slender Man suddenly appears inside. Charlie spots a trail of toy trains that lead him to the woods. After finding it, footsteps can be heard and Lauren is forced to proceed to a dead-end hallway.

Within she discovers a small television playing a video along with two other tapes. After a while, a woman, presumably Kate, starts laughing. As she enters the tower, the door slams shut. His behavior is much the same as this in level four, except more active.

Slender The Arrival

The Slender Man's behavior changes slightly between levels. Kate appears to jump out of the bedroom window before the tape abruptly ends. About This Game You're on your own.

She looks again and Charlie is gone, allowing access to the upper floor. Ahead lies a locked door, where a key must be found to unlock it. And before long, the camera is shown the view of Lauren's legs vanishing slowly from view as her body is dragged away. Along the way, she passes another car who owns the car is unknown. He investigated Charlie Matheson Jr.

Scrawlings of an ominous figure and haunting messages adorn her walls. The Eight Pages was a short, experimental first-person game that helped breathe new life into the horror genre through its use of unadulterated tension and fear. Lauren finds a burnt house near the end of her trip, black and lifeless. Though not yet endorsed by the original developers, the project is on-going.

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Slender The Arrival

Who the player is playing as is unknown but the goal of the level is to travel from room to room while avoiding Slender Man. If one pre-ordered the game, they were entitled to a free demo of the game. Blue Isle Studios Parsec Productions.

As she goes to see who she is dealing with, the camera flickers several images and then the figure is gone. Before a game update, upon completion of the game again, Lauren will attempt to escape by jumping from a high area, in which her camera dies after she does so. The game now ends with Lauren awake in the basement of the farmhouse from earlier with Charlie blocking the way out.

The Arrival was opened to the public for beta testing. After that, the player is placed outside, immobile and unable to move due to being set on fire. Experience the horror all over again.