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Naruto dating sim shikamaru ending sentences, what happens at the end of the Naruto dating sim game

Naruto Dating Sim Game

For anyone who does read it I hope that you enjoy it. You can either return to the island or end the game. Ever since Chouji lost his weight Ino has been glued to him like adhesive glue. They were getting along so well, almost as if they were old best friends in the past. Once the two arrived at the park, the couple sat on the bench staring up at the stars just enjoying each other's company.

All of us have our own judgment and everyone think his one is right and so as I What will happen in the end of Naruto? What happens in the end of Naruto?

The kiss was soft and sweet, nothing too demanding or rough. Coming to take my Hinata on a date I see. There was a light blush on his cheeks which she had taken notice of.

Deciding to finally pick up the courage to look at her, he was surprised to see the blush adorning on her fair skinned cheeks. He smiled at that thought.

Apparently she didn't seem to catch on to what he meant. In all honesty, Temari is a good person and a cool girl he likes to hang with. He stuffed his hands deep into his jean pockets. Nodding her head she let out a small giggle. Smiling softly, she slid her hand into his as he pulled her up to her feet.

Naruto Dating Sim Game - Naruto Ultimate Ninja

Naruto becomes Hokage of course Sasuke came back, Naruto becomes Hokage and grows out his hair. Neji is getting married soon to Tenten and Naruto has actually been helping his father out a lot with his record label. Although, how to know if you are more than a hookup I wouldn't exactly call it my own since Naruto is practically there every day as if he lives there. It's already the first day since they have seen each other and he is already thinking about dating?

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In fact, he'll enjoy spending his days with her. Well I said I would upload the ShikaHina alternate ending and here it is!

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He probably is there right now as we speak, sleeping on the couch or eating ramen. What are you doing here anyways? Hinata, who wasn't expecting the sudden question, blushed from embarrassment. You can play it on Newgrounds. She was beautiful, had the kindest heart he has ever encountered and she always seemed to be concerned for others wellbeing.

Have you been single for some time? There has been a few times where he could have seen her when he was in town from college but he had come specifically to see Chouji and Ino only. Turning to face him, Hinata gazed at him. This evening with him turned out to be rather fun.

Silence lurked between them for a while until Ino and Chouji came back towards them. She has cried in front of him when she expressed her thoughts on Gaara's past to even how she feels about her father.

What happens at the end of the Naruto dating sim game

Getting to know her wouldn't be so bad. But when surprised her was his facial hair.

Are you still dating Gaara or have you gotten with Sasuke by now? What about Tenten is she finally dating Neji? There is a free Naruto dating sim game that you can play. How do you beat Naruto dating sim? Shikamaru lazily turned to look at his friends.

Every once in a while Shikamaru would bring up their past, both laughing at old memories. But throughout this night Shikamaru couldn't help but to admire her beauty. This is Shikamaru for goodness sakes. Once they were gone Shikamaru groaned, he had a feeling on what Ino was really doing.

Beware though, the ending contains hentai a mature scene. He had a feeling that she didn't want to talk about them anyways. How are Neji and the others?

Is it alright if I have your number? Looking up at him she seemed surprised by his actions.

Gazing away from the lazy male she nodded. Seeing Hinata now makes him regret it. You look so stylish with this haircut. Hinata snapped her head towards her best friend. The blonde haired female blushed from embarrassment as she pulled away from the Hyuga female.

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It was unlike him to take a girl out to a high class restaurant. Weren't you friends with my brother? Just by looking at Chouji she could tell that he was happy. Sadly no such thing exists at the moment. She was truly an angel on earth.