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Siddh Nazar Raksha Kavach. Ganesh devotees should recite the Vinayaka kavacham hymn and beseech Lord Ganesh to protect them.

Sampurn Shri Dhan Laxmi Yantra. He or she who surrenders every part of his or her body to the Lord and seeks His protection will surely get it. The efficacy of the armour hymns depend on the devotee's faith. May Vakrathunda Vinayaka protect my anus.

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This hymn explicitly requests Lord Ganesh's protection for every body part, for one's life, loved ones, home, assets and one's very existence. Salutations to the supreme Lord Ganesh, of latest yahoo messenger version whose curved trunk vakra-tunda and massive body maha-kaayaa shines like a million suns surya-koti and showers his blessings on everyone sama-prabhaa. May Gajamukha Ganesha protect my lips. Long back this kavacham was told to me by God ShriKrishna in Vridavan of golok at the time of rasamandalam. Ganesh Kavach Please enter Mobile Number.

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Find more suppliers in Delhi Hanuman Kavach in Delhi. Exclusive Price This is exclusive price for our esteemed customer. May Vinayaga protect my forehead. It also helps get achievements and recognition in life.

The waxing phase is called Sukla paksham and the waning phase is called Krishna paksham. We bow in homage namH to Lord Ganesh who protects us with long lives avaShamaanya of health and happiness.

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May Vinayaaka protect my head. To share with friends, please copy-paste only the link to this article and not the text. Vinayaka is a name of Lord Ganesh.

Let Son of God Shankar protects me from north-east. Lord Ganesh is one of the most prominent deities in Hinduism. Bhagwan Saturn Rushi of this kavacham is Prajapati. It is from, Brahmavaivarta Poorana.

How does one find out when these special worship days occur? May Balachandra Vinayaga protect my eyes. Please click here for daily Ganesh worship.

Let Vighnesh protects me from south. He is thought to derive from an animistic deity, possibly a Dravidian aboriginal sun god.

Have you used this product? May Uma Putra Ganesh protect me in the South. The word kaakka in every line of this sloka is the explicit request to the Lord to protect.

Let Gajanan protects me from south-west. Spiritual Pendants in New Delhi.

They work best for those who have surrendered to the Lord. It should become clear that the Lord's protection becomes available when every part of the body is surrendered to the Lord's care and all activities are done for Him, by Him and through Him. May Siddheesa Vinayaka protect me in the Southeast.

Lord Ganesh and Chathurthi Thithi Each thithi has its own specialties. May Vinayaka protect my nose. Vighanharta Ganpati Mantra Booklet.

Eka-dhanthar pakal muzhudhum kaakka. Name of this kavacham is SansarMohanam. Vighanharta Ganpati Rare Idol. After wearing this Kavach, all obstacles, problems and difficulties in ones life are eliminated and all the wishes are fulfilled.