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Running comes naturally after a toddler learns to walk. They compiled enough money to purchase a sports franchise by always putting profit first. The talent on the ice in the gold medal game blows away even what is found in uniform at the Stanley Cup Final. Share via Email Is it time to cut out the fights? Play it in the minors or in Las Vegas?

Play hockey in the Olympics or in Canada? Hockey is my favorite sport. Ice hockey is cultural in Canada.

Montreal Canadiens When it comes to relationships, the number one thing Habs fans are looking for is someone who respects them. Calgary Flames Like the team, Flames fans start off hot and then fizzle out. Toronto Maple Leafs Leafs fans have gone on the least number of first dates over the past year. Winnipeg Jets After more than a decade without a team, Jets fans have developed the tendency to hold on.

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Once they fall in love with you, they will manage to convince themselves nobody is better than you despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. Even if you disappoint them. It depends on your ability to handle multiple personalities.

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Allow them to spend obscene amounts of money on you. Sixty-one per cent of Oilers fans have not had sex in the past year.

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Shower them with flattery. First, you find out what team they cheer for. With the most Stanley Cup wins, who can blame them? The sport is appreciated at a national level.

Dating a Capitals fan promises to be a lot of fun, although it might require a lot of patience as you wait for them to grow up. So, how do you go about dating your new crush? Dating a Red Wings fan is overall a satisfying experience.

Damn it, what did I just say? Or this vicious Antoine Roussel-Kevin Klein brawl from last season. Nobody else will continue to love you and stick by you if you let yourself go and treat them like crap. Edmonton Oilers Oilers fans, like the team they love, are experiencing a scoring drought. Interested in a Vancouver Canucks fan?

The only heat you should be packing is in your pants

At some point, deliver on your promises, like, any day now, maybe, could you? You need to be self-assured and confident. You might experience some problems when it comes down to major relationship decisions. Your Habs fan will be happy to make excuses for each one of your shortcomings.

Or this Kevan Miller-Joe Vitale fight from last month. Who will you be rooting for this playoff season?

Fighting becomes more a part of hockey the lower you go, entirely free hiv dating site if not geographically then definitely skill-wise. Flames fans are the least likely to get a second date.

Team owners are staunch capitalists. Nod and change the subject.