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There is Nishan who has come to the city on a contract and lives in a rented room among the migrant workers. It was mostly welcomed by the youth.

Hope this movie gets him the much deserved standing ovation that he has been vying for. He was so convincing and real.

Thank you for submitting your review. Here for the first time in Mollywood, you will find a police officer who gives a believable big yawn when called into duty on the late part of the night.

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How her mother has reached the present state also remains un explained may be they might have cut them down during the final edit. Frankly I didnt enjoy the movie at all.

However, I wish the director had a stronger rein over the outflow of emotions. Some great lines peppered throughout the movie last with you even after the end. Rest of the movie is all about how the above characters cope up with the strange realities of life in a big city. The climactic portions leading to the arrest of the serial killer could have been donein a better way.

The theme song Naatil Veetil and the trailer have generated tremendous buzz for the movie online. And like you said, her dubbing was atrocious. Arun Kumar Aravind has matured into a fantastic director in his second film. Verbal diarrhoea of a constipated mind!

Gopi Sunder has given a fantastic music score and its impossible to get the theme music of the film out of your head once you've seen the film, or even its trailer. In the acting side Indrajith once again proves that he is the best in the family as far as acting proves is concerned. This was a revelation for him as an actor. Here's what Ananya Panday has to say about the link up rumours with Kartik Aaryan.

Lot more to say about editing but can't type. But once you sit through the subtle details, you are sure to walk away into a satisfying beam and a quite good second half, which is rather unpredictable and fall into us in a natural demeanor.

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Kerala State Award winning cinematographer Shehnad Jalal handled the camera. They all look alive on screen, something that's missing in many other screenplays these days. There was a cool breeze in the air and oh what a perfect start to the morning!

He epitomizes a demonic being. Half a dozen characters finds themselves embroiled in it. His night sequences are pretty realistic and add to the menacing mood of this edgy thriller.

Indrajith Sukumaran Movies. Watch out for how he compensates his mother for that lost gift his father had given her. Everything about this movie is good and the film look so real.

Murali again delivers a gem of a performance after his brilliant rendition in Gaddamma. It's definitely a tough task, and Murali has done that in style. Let the naysayers keep on barking, but our cinema is getting bolder and better. This is the first film that really exploited his talent even though Ritu was good.

And yes, we are reminded of his legacy many a times when we watch him perform, bringing out all the complexities of his character in awkwardly hilarious situations. What could have been better. Mythili, who is paired opposite him, is a revelation. Another interesting fact is that there is no hero-heroine like it is usually in such scripts and every character has shades of good and bad.

Ee adutha is one rare movie in which every other actor has given their best. So yes, Ee Adutha Kaalathu is a must watch, the lazy song itunes if you havent realized that from this extremely long post already. Ee Adutha Kaalathu Poster. And the both of them have come together to give their next flick - Ee Adutha Kaalathu. Vineeth Sreenivasan Videos - Songs Movies.

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The songs are also melodious and shot very well. Tovino Thomas Movies-Videos Songs. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Notify me of new posts via email.

Movie review Ee Adutha Kalathu is a Must Watch random thoughts

He is an aspiring cop bent upon earning name and fame. Murali Gopi couldnt do wonders with his first script Rasikan with Lal Jose even though it had sparks of intelligence here and there. Or a music note of freedom? Lena in her most meaty role after Traffic is excellent and shows us that she has the capacity to do a wide range of roles. The narrative is totally un predictable and a new surprise is thrown at you when you least expect it.

She looks convincing as a mother of two, and by dubbing herself in her hoarse voice, she has made her character more authentic. Using GenYoutube you can download any type of videos from the Youtube.

Anoop Menon is hilarious as the beauty-conscious, Scotlandyard trained officer and is again very natural. Indrajith excels as expected and Anoop menon, as artificial and mohan-lal imitating as usual. Sexual insecurities, frustrations and incompetencies are discussed very well in the movie in one of the tracks bringing out many humorous situations as well. The actors go from mouthing emotional dialogues very monotonously to screaming out what should be more sedate dialogues. No gimmicks, no show-offs, but straight-forward and effective camerawork.

E Adutha Kalathu - Oru Valiyaa Song

Movie review Ee Adutha Kalathu is a Must Watch random thoughts

So is their way in which they deal with crisis and pressures. He is so effectively natural, subtle and effortless in his performance. Search results can the sorted on the basis of relevance, view count, title, rating and publish date.

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