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Toby gets the tape repaired and digitized. Grand Master Mithun Chakraborty has been being the head judge of the series.

Meanwhile, Randall and Beth prepare for the arrival of their first daughter. Winners Faisal Khan Teriya Magar. When Rebecca posts a photo of her granddaughter on Facebook, she gets a message from Miguel asking how she has been the last eight years. Randall gets William's box from storage, searches for a lady about whom William wrote and drew, and discovers it was a mural of Billie Holiday. Having left the pendant in Charlotte's house, he returns in its pursuit, but she keeps him out.

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He collapses, begging for help. Randall's new glasses are missing. If there is one show we could move, it would be this one. Jodha Akbar Pavitra Rishta. Fear Files India's Best Dramebaaz.

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WTF Did We Just Watch Season 2 Episode 1

Kevin finds a notebook where Randall wrote reminders to himself on how to keep the peace between them, motivating him to be nice to Randall. Janet is judgmental and socially tone-deaf, and ostracizes Randall.

The team fell just short of victory but thoroughly celebrated their time on the show all the same. Kate and Kevin commiserate about their deadbeat lives and decide to live together. He lets Shauna call Deja collect. Later, the family house has burned and Rebecca, in the car with Jack's possessions in a bag, screams and cries.

Randall reluctantly agrees to deliberately contract it. Kruti Mahesh and Prince Gupta.

Janet admits she can't help feeling differently about Randall, but she takes an interest in his science fair project and acknowledges he is special. Manish Paul Jay Bhanushali.

Despite having also gotten sick, Jack rallies to shovel Janet's car out so she can leave immediately. Against Rebecca's objections, her mother Janet arrives and is snowed in with the Pearsons. Jay Bhanushali Ishita Sharma.

Kate says losing weight as a teenager did not make her happy. Kevin's relationship with Sophie deteriorates as he continues abusing pain medication and alcohol. Ron Howard tells Kevin his great work is still in the movie. Jiya Thakur from Vaishnavi ke Veer wins the title. Madison later faints and calls Kate for help.

This season was also hosted by Jay Bhanushali and Saumya Tandon. Dance Ke Superstars featured contestants from the first two seasons to compete against each other. This season was hosted by Jay Bhanushali. Amruta Khanvilkar Sahil Khattar. Kevin apologizes to the family, toby mac ignition mp3 but Barbara also has him discuss family issues.

Kevin visits Jack's memorial tree, admitting he has not lived up to Jack's legacy, but pledging to make him proud. Outstanding Performance by a Youth. In the past, Rebecca takes the Big Three to a movie after her argument with Jack.

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William keeps this promise for odd years until hearing his cancer is terminal. Rebecca drives the teenagers to Jack's funeral, stalking the urn because she was not in Jack's room when he died. In the past, when Jack takes year-old Kevin and Randall camping, Rebecca learns that Jack's father is dying. Reality television shows in India. Randall tells Beth he wants to buy and manage the run-down building with her.

Toby, Beth, and Miguel, at a bar, discuss being outsiders, Miguel the only one who knew Jack. Only Sophie enjoys Kevin's poor Mr.

Jack's death was sometime before Miguel last saw Rebecca. Randall asks a redheaded girl out. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kate and Toby share news of her pregnancy.

Kevin takes pain medication after his old football knee injury is reinjured during battle scene filming. It's called Grand Salute and it is the highest respect for any contestant here. Kevin declares himself unworthy of his award. Present-day Toby finds junk-food trash. Kate gets her first gig, filling in with a bar's house band.

WTF Did We Just Watch Season 2 Episode 6

WTF Did We Just Watch Season 2 Episode 6

Dance India Dance

In the present, Randall and Beth buy William's old building. She calls Jack, but his past issues with his father combined with his focus on making sure Kevin gets along with Randall keep Jack from returning. Randall earns Deja's trust.

Jay Bhanushali Saumya Tandon. The judge visits William in jail, offering to reduce the sentence and get him help if he stays sober. Kevin apologizes for his attitude. The masters will then make an on-the-spot decision as to whether the dancer demonstrated enough ability. The family takes refuge in the master bedroom.

WTF Did We Just Watch Season 2 Episode 1WTF Did We Just Watch Season 2 Episode 1