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Real Murano glass is handmade, which inherently results in small imperfections. Galliano Ferro Murano glass foil label. Kosta Boda Swedish glass clear plastic label. Vetro Artistico Venezianoi Murano glass foil label. Crystalex Czech glass foil label.

  • The Pontil mark is a scar that was left behind when the glass master broke the Pontil rod of the finished blown Murano glasswork.
  • It was purchased second hand, I think it is murano bbut would like to find out a bit more about it.
  • Salviati Murano glass plastic label.
  • If the authenticity is still in question, you should contact a local glass antique expert and show them all the information you have.
Glass Identification Labels
  1. When people talk about Italian art glass or Venetian art glass, they are usually referring to the sculptures, vases, chandeliers and decorative glass objects made in the island of Murano, Italy.
  2. Pontil mark Another small imperfection is the Pontil mark.
  3. Oball Murano glass plastic label.
  4. Does the seller offer a certificate of authenticity stating the origin and the production process of the item?
  5. In order to avoid bubbles and have a clear glass, in locations far from Venice and Italy they use the Lead in the composition.

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Murano Glass may have any number of colors of any depth throughout the piece, or a Murano Glass piece may be completely transparent. Chribska Czech glass foil label. Authentic Murano Glass is worth purchasing, owning and passing to the next generations, or gifting to your loved ones. Above all, trust your instinct and common sense when buying Murano Glass. The secret art of Murano glass creation, is passed down from generations to generations within the family.

Pukeberg Swedish glass clear plastic label - white text. Liskeard Glass English glass paper label. That is why we asked five of our Muranese glass masters to share with us how to identify their artworks.

1. Look at the item itself (or its photos if buying online)

Hadeland Norwegian glass foil label. You may find more than one stickers on the artwork as there are different certifications available. Should you decide to buy from us, or anyone else, just go by this guide to have confidence in your choice. The value really depends on the piece's legitimacy, condition, and size.

We only collaborate with glass artists, who are located on the island of Murano, Italy. Murano is not a brand name, it is a physical location. Venini Murano glass paper label.

Generic Murano glass paper label. Hi Stevie, you can send us the photo and we can let you know our opinion on its authenticity. George Hardy Importer Swedish glass foil label.

Glass Identification Labels

The art of making Murano glass is deeply woven into the families of glass blowers living in the island of Murano. Look for imperfections Real Murano glass is handmade, which inherently results in small imperfections. Remember that genuine Murano glassworks are only produced in the island of Murano, Italy. Humppila Finnish glass clear plastic label. Hi I have very heavy, wavy shaped, 32 dating 19 ruby coloured glass bowl with a star like pattern within the glass on the inside bottom of the bowl.

Ekenas Swedish glass foil label. Although experts are not percent accurate, they will have an easier time identifying it than almost anyone else. Please can I send you photos? Try to find evidence of real gold or silver used in the production of the glass. This is something only a trained eye and glass expert can do with reliability.

Murano 101 Labels
Glass Queries Gallery - Murano Labels

It is a good primer for the techniques and styles of Murano glass. Wedgwood Glass English glass foil label. Kosta Swedish glass paper label. Friedrich German glass foil label.

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Ingridglas German glass foil label. Leaves and stems are green patinated. There is no paper work, nor labels with these.

Murano sticker

This question is by far the most common one among those we receive. You can send the photos of your Murano glasses to us but as we are very busy with our day-to-day operations, thus it may take us a while to get back to you. Murano glass made before is unlikely to have a certificate, so this is only a surefire identification method for new glass. You may be able to discover more creative ways of identifying the glass. These are the most commonly counterfeit items, sold as Murano glass, but made elsewhere.

Hi Sue, it is impossible to say whether your lamp is authentic Murano Glass or not without seeing the photos of the lamp and of the sticker. Iittala Finnish glass clear plastic label - white text. Factories have catalogs of at least their current offerings, but possibly also their vintage glass.

Pukeberg Swedish glass clear plastic label - black text. Hire a glass expert to help you identify the glass. Hi Jennifer, how to tell your ex to help you identify this piece we would need to see good photos from different angles. Later I purchased some glasses that are perfect for my hands I have arthritis. These are two ways outside glass makers try to convince tourists that the item was likely made in Murano without stating it is.

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Does the certificate display any text in Italian language? Look at what else comes with the item Does the seller offer a certificate of authenticity stating the origin and the production process of the item? Does the seller demonstrate good knowledge of Murano Glass industry, techniques, production process, and history? Murano glass is hand-blown, so it should not have seams. Helen, you can send us the photo by email at support glassofvenice.

New glass from Murano should be accompanied by a certificate from the factory, guaranteeing it is Murano glass. Jaffe Rose British importer Murano glass paper label. Despite the large number of companies that sell fake glassware labeled as Murano, there are many more that proudly carry the real thing.

3 Ways to Identify Murano Glass - wikiHow

If bought and sold by art or antiques dealers, it should accompany the piece of glass in all sales. Generic Murano glass foil label. Holmegaard Danish glass clear plastic label. We recommend that you research first, going through the above websites or Google images in search of the Murano Glass pieces similar to yours. Purchase a beautiful artwork on the island from a trusted dealer, what to do when who guarantees the origin of the glasswork.

Its beautiful but not sure if the real thing. Can you tell me of anyone in the Phoenix area I can take it to for accurate evaluation? Eneryda Glasbruk Swedish glass foil label.

Cenedese Murano glass foil label. Hi, I found a piece of what looks to be Murano Glass at my local thrift store. Empoli Italian glass foil scroll label with Stelvia cardboard tag. You can also do some research yourself by searching in Google images for pieces similar to yours and researching those pieces further to understand where and by whom they may have been made.

Alsterbro Swedish glass paper label. Pukeberg Swedish glass paper label. Sea Glasbruk Swedish glass clear plastic label.

Murano glass stickers


It has six goblets and the decanter. Found on Galliano Ferro bowls. Jaffe Rose import label for Polish glass.


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