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Clobber Grotesk Wordshape. Both beers use Brothers effectively, but in two very different ways, and it speaks well of the typeface that it is versatile enough to handle both applications. The letters are not very typographic, nor are they very consistent.

Brothers can also handle ornamentation inside of its letterforms. Also, because the lower case characters are expected to be used in a smaller range of sizes than the capitals, most of the bracketing has been eliminated.

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Mixing and matching the standards and alternate sets is one of the joys and challenges in using Brothers. Hide Show Add to Favorite Download. Cooper Goodtime breauhare fonts. For more information about Brothers, download the free type specimen. This brand leans on a vintage aesthetic and uses several typefaces to display a lot of layers of information and minutiae.

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Download Brothers Font, by Emigre. Brother Tattoo Aring Typeface. Brothers Word Logos are a hodge podge. Sketchetik Fill Hiekka Graphics.

Save them for larger uses of Brothers, and be sure to play around with mixing and matching the standard characters with the alternates! The harsh angles of the font are contrasted with a round badge shape which is in turn softened even further by the undulating rope border.

The same line has a totally different effect in a large or small area of white space. Finally, a pseudo-italic version of the Regular was created. Check it for free with Typograph.

The supporting fonts are an interesting bunch. Brother Tattoo Font dafont.

Brothers keeps this deign element, and most of the counters in Brothers have smoother articulation compared to the jagged outer edges. If we succeed in finding that position we have done our job. Brothers can be successfully used against other unique typefaces, but it has to be done thoughtfully and systematically. Brothers is featured in the bottom right card, set with a gentle wave in its baseline for such an angular font, Brothers handles such distortions well.

This typeface has four styles and was published by Emigre. Run Tron Font Brothers Inc. Every shape exists only in relation to the space around it. However, the added details come at a cost to legibility, and I find the alternative set is more difficult to use successfully at smaller sizes.

The bold weight might feel too overpowering in this aesthetic, but by going this route Ptarmak gets the added emphasis while keeping a slimmer presentation. Note that only the Regular and SuperSlant weights and their alternates have lowercase sets. Two beers, two different uses of Brothers.

Brothers Bold

Particularly alcoholic beverages. Dom Loves Mary Correspondence Ink. Brothers gets used for food packing.

All typography is an arrangement of elements in two dimensions. Cantoni Debi Sementelli Type Foundry. Mr Lucky Hipopotam Studio. Becker Gothics Dunwich Type Founders.

Thus, many of the capitals are bracketed inside. Supernational Fonts of Chaos. Font Bros is your source for unique display fonts!

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Brothers is best suited for clean presentations where it can retain its crisp forms. As is to be expected with a blocky, spikey typeface like this, special care has to be paid to the kerning.

Merlo Round Typoforge Studio. Durham Latin Mayfield Type Foundry. By restricting Brothers to the main brand elements the branding still has the edge the typeface provides without letting it dominate the system.

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If there was more thick-to-thin in Brothers, it could easily become overwrought and difficult to read. Scrap Brother Illustration Ink. Facebook Twitter Or use your email. This is a rather small letter set from which to base an entire type family, but Downer is a masterful calligrapher and embraced the challenge.

Tide Sans Kyle Wayne Benson. Enter the code to download Brothers. These have the same alternate forms found in the companion font. Websites using the typeface Brothers with personal recommendations for similar web fonts, suggested font pairings and the closest free alternative. Downer took care to even out the widths and proportions, successfully carrying the bold and active personality of the lettering into a typeface.

Brothers has always been one of my favorite typefaces. Please verify that you are an organic, carbon-based life form, not an automated computer program! Despite having an eye-catching aesthetic and a dominating personality, Brothers works remarkably well as a supporting typeface.

If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font. Quirks and eccentricities As is to be expected with a blocky, spikey typeface like this, special care has to be paid to the kerning.

Please check the license to see if you can use Brothers for commercial projects. Thankfully, hp psc 1350 software many pieces of baseball ephemera make use of multiple typefaces and that meant I could use Brothers without relying on it to drive the typographic voice of the work. Brothers strengths Brothers is best suited for clean presentations where it can retain its crisp forms.