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Matt and Brennen had lots of fun pranking their neighbors, and grilling out on their terrace during the summer. As Justin lays on his horn downstairs, Lo argues that he should probably be her boyfriend by now. Are these exes back to being an item? Over at Heidi and Spencer's apartment, Spencer sits on the sofa as his fianc?

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Kaitlin is a teacher and lives with her husband, Chris, in Missouri. Adam graduated from Xavier University, as well, and works for Toyota in Michigan. Heidi says she's having breakfast with Jen Bunney in the hopes of rekindling their friendship. They also worked together in College Works Painting.

Chris and Matt became best friends during their time at the University of Illinois, and continue to be best friends! Matt and Lauren will be living nearby after the wedding, and are looking forward to many date nights together! Avery loves to swim, and loves putting on makeup and lip gloss! Margaret Kim - Bridesmaid Margaret and Lauren met after Lauren got her job at the University Bookstore, and have been inseparable ever since! And, more importantly, she wonders how the couple will react once they've learned Lauren's been spending time with Brody.

Ginny, Lauren, and Sydney all ended up working together at the stadium at one point! Oh, how the tables have turned! Chris is a nurse in Missouri. The two had a dramatic break-up but eventually reunited.

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Chris and Lauren love to eat junk food together, while Kaitlin and Matt love to eat healthy foods. Later on, as Audrina gets ready for dinner with Justin, Lauren and Lo ask for the latest details and Audrina confesses that her bad boy wants to take things slow. Alex Romine - Groomsman Matt met Alex through the fraternity, as well!

Chris Spratt - Usher Chris is Lauren's brother-in-law. Ginny and Sydney were both there the night Lauren first decided to ask Matt out! Spencer asks if Jen's been hanging out with Lauren but Heidi says they haven't talked since their fight. Lauren and Diana have been good friends ever since, and kept each other sane throughout many frat parties while the boys were living together on campus! Alex currently lives in Iowa as a software developer.

But, as the two share a meal in their apartment, Audrina lets it slip that she's still on the Justin rollercoaster and isn't quite ready to get off. While out getting a caffeine fix, Audrina gossips about the weekend with her Epic Records buddy, Chiara.

When Brody asks why his homeboy hasn't returned his calls, Spencer says he has nothing to say to him. At breakfast, Heidi tells Jen that Brody and Spencer are on the outs. Out at Les Deux, stieber pokale online dating Brody two-steps his way over to Lauren's table and suggests they go to the Roosevelt pool together. Then Lauren says she wants to crash at Brody's condo after leaving the club.

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While The Hills gang may be laughing over Brody spending more time with Lauren, Brody's friend Frankie tells Lauren that Spencer has beef with her being friends with Brody again. Sydney Michael - Bridesmaid Sydney is Lauren's brother's girlfriend. Fearing that she's being overly sensitive, Audrina says she's ready to play it cool for awhile.

Margaret, Lauren and their good friend Tim all love to hang out and have movie nights together, while on campus. Brennen and Matt initially met in their freshman year at the University of Illinois, and decided to live together for their sophomore year. They also have a son, Benjamin!

Although Audrina knows she should be calling it quits with Justin, she can't seem to pry herself away from him. Matt introduced Alex to the world of motorcycles and they like to take motorcycle trips together whenever they can. When Audrina admits to crying over Justin, Chiara's surprised Audrina shed tears over a guy. Back at home, Heidi shares the news with Spencer about Brody and Lauren hanging out.

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Driving through the city, Brody gets Spencer on the phone. Brennen and Sydney went on to date, and Sydney and Lauren became college roommates shortly after! When Audrina brings up her conversation with Lauren and Lo, he says he doesn't care about what they think and that he's not into labels when it comes to relationships. When Jen brings up Heidi's relationship with Lauren, Heidi says she doesn't care if the two regain their friendship, but Jen thinks Heidi's still hoping for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Heidi continued to climb the corporate ladder at Bolthouse Productions and struggled with her engagement to Spencer. Jen is shocked by the breakup but is even more taken aback when Heidi says that Brody's been the source of all the nasty rumors circulating about Lauren. Although Brody's trying to be cool about the whole situation, Lauren says she thinks that Brody and Spencer are drifting apart. When Lauren reveals that Spencer isn't returning any of Brody's phone calls, Whitney says Spencer's acting immature but it's probably just a momentary tiff.

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Lauren, on the other hand, may be looking to spice things up.

Additionally, Audrina spent more time with former flame, Justin, which made the situation in the house ever more uneasy. Mike currently lives in North Carolina as an engineer. Adam Brody - Groomsman Adam is Matt's twin brother.