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Bhoot returns was not a great movie, i will add only mild spoilers. Bhoot Returns made by the versatile filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma sadly offers nothing new and paves the same nails of the director's earlier flicks like Phoonk and Raat. Oh by the way, songs of pyaasa 1957 we never get to see the Bhoot itself! Is another sequel to Bhoot Returns on the way?

Overall, Bhoot Returns disappoints. Acting gets weak at times, effects aren't that good really.

As Tarun, Namrata and Pooja discuss Nimmi's fixation over Shabbu, the family servant, Laxman, is sure of a spirit's presence in the house. Theatrical release poster. You need a very scary atmosphere for a horror film to work.

She handles most of the part with ease but looks lost in others. Performances by all the actors was under average.

Alayna Sharma shows promise. All Bombay Times print stories are available on.


The camera-work is also dull and does nothing to improve the mood of the film. With the passage of time, Laxman the servant and Taman the brother of Nimmi are brutally murdered. Perhaps this film was made on a very low budget. For example - Bhoot Returns.

She is hot and a great actress and i would love to see her more movies. You can change your city from here. Watched this as a horror fan, but really there's nothing special in this film.

Taman is mysteriously killed. The family mistakes Nimmi's new doll to be Shabbu but are surprised when Nimmi points to an empty space and introduces her invisible friend as Shabbu.

Chakravarthy tries his best with expressions. The bhoot hangs around sometimes posing for hidden cameras. As Nimmi's fixation with Shabbu increases, the family decides to consult a psychiatrist. But in this movie you could pretend every next scene.

But since then his directing capability is seriously in doubt. You will feel weird after watching this one and think if there is any horror flick ever created like this one? The way the story is fashioned, there's not much scope for histrionics. Tarun receives a mysterious phone call, Nimmi's voice from the upper floor, after which they find Laxman murdered. Mumbai Mumbai search close.

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Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Tarun receives a mysterious phone call, after which they find Laxman murdered. Back in the day, bhoot was an amazing movie, for its time and for the time when bollywood was busy doing the usual, Bhoot was a brilliant movie, with amazing performances by everyone.

If I was a director I wouldn't have directed a film with a pathetic script like this. Vivek Oberoi, Shatrughan Sinha, Sudeep. Shatrughan Sinha, Vivek Oberoi, Suriya.

Don't waste time or money on this film. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. You have already rated this movie. The police are called in to investigate but they consider the family delusional and do not take much interest in the matter. There wasn't a single scary scene and the movie lacked the X-factor.

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Also Manoj Bajpai would have been a better choice over J. What's on Joshua Jackson's Watchlist? Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa. Nimmi appears possessed by the spirit and tries to kill both her parents, until she's finally burned and defeated with Pooja's help, as the remaining family flee, bloody and injured.

So don't buy tickets to watch this movie. But except last min, its a comedy movie which does not make any good progress through out the whole movie. The acting is highly dubious.

Reminder Successfully Set! One question did come into my mind, the whole story revolves around the last family disappearing at the end of the movie and then the house owner gets a new tenant.

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