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Go through the list and install the game that suits you best. The best part of the game is it shows a new Sudoku puzzle every time you launch it. The best part of the game is that it lets you create Sudoku Puzzles on your own and publish them, so that other players could play them. Help Amy to solve Sudoku puzzles, black hole books so that she could return to her home safely. Lucky Sudoku comes with a variety of Sudoku boards to play.

You can use them whenever you are stuck in the game. Pros free version easy to navigate in the program Cons the bar for choosing numbers is too far from the square and this requires too much movement from the player. Summary Disappointing software, which for me was laced with a virus.

3 Best Sudoku games for PC Windows

Candy Sudoku comes with a lot of Sudoku puzzles and every time you launch the game, it generates a new puzzle for you. Everytime you click generate button, the game displays a new Sudoku puzzle. It generates random Sudoku puzzles from easy to hard. Sudoku Adventure comes with many exciting levels.

Forget the first step and you will enter the wrong number into a cell. The game ends when all the numbers are highlighted with yellow color. Beat the pre-defined scores to see your name in high-score list of the game. Luckily, you can use unlimited hints, but every time you use a hint, the time on timer will increase.

Your aim to solve a Sudoku puzzle in minimum time. As you begin the game, a timer starts and a counter counts your moves. Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. The games are rated true to their level and the controls are super easy to use.

Pros Nearly fully functional for free. To place a candy in a cell, just click on that cell and select a candy that you want to place. One specific result of this condition is that collections of numerals, especially the linear groups of eight numbers, may hide in plain sight for a while instead of being instantly recognizable. In another mode, there is no time limit, but timer still runs in this mode, so you could know how much time you have taken to complete a level.

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An unlimited number of hints are provided in this game. Here, you have to place numbers on the Sudoku grid by following comparison symbols less than and greater than. Cons The numbers are difficult to read because the interiors are often about the same color as the background.

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Hence, try to use as minimum hints as possible. Here, you will get daily challenges to solve.

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The program that will appeal to beginners to experts! You can undo your moves anytime while playing the game. If you love math, you will definitely like Kenken gaming mode of this game. All the players will have to play this game simultaneously.

Like other Sudoku games, it also uses a timer, which starts counting time as the game starts and lets you know how much time you have taken to solve a Sudoku puzzle. The game itself works, but it doesn't allow you to enter two or more tentative numbers in a square when the choice is not yet able to be determined. Be careful, they are addictive!

Summary Great for the price. Summary Beats playing solitaire all the time while passing time.

Have used this app for years because it is so effective. This prevents you from entering a wrong number into a cell.

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Then check to see if you can turn this feature off. Like other Sudoku puzzles, this game also has three difficulty levels. It is the programmer's skill that determines how hard the most difficult Sudoku puzzle will be. Summary Great game for the price.

Share Puzzles With Friends You can easily generate links for your friends to your puzzle with all of your current progress, or to the a blank version of the puzzle you're working on. If your friends are not available, you can play Sudoku with computer named Robots here. Personal taste will probably drive your selection decision. Users who'd like to try it should be aware that uninstallation will leave a folder in their system's program files. Having solid, contrasting numbers woulld make them make much less distracting because of a reduced squinting factor.

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