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As a researcher in the use of Atlas. The work that as researcher can be done in the Atlas. As a researcher in the area of social sciences, she considered that the Atlas. Cristina Parajon Sociology student, Harvard University. By immediately applying the training to our context, eminem careful what you wish for mp3 I was able to master the process better than I expected.

The program has greatly facilitated my analysis of my interview and observation data, and the format of the workshop allowed me to explore the best tools and approaches for my data. Every topic covered was very useful.

Overall, this was an excellent way to get my feet wet with the software and learn from others at the same time. It has kept pace with the advancing complexity of our analytical needs.

Specifically, I know the importance of using memos to record my processes. All concepts and their applications were clearly explained. It is a software that allows you to organize, classify, relate, and analyze all types of information that are recollected in a research study. This class was well paced and covers a lot of information in a short amount of time. All the information gathered in the investigation is integrated with the coding.

Qualitative Data Analysis - Research Guides at New York University

Reynalda Pimentel de Arrocha Curricuista. The workshop was excellent in helping me get my research project started on the right track. You've opened up a lot of possibilities and guided me toward being better organized and a better analyst. It's an excellent training. Clearly one hour allows for a quick overview when there are so many more things to learn.

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Atlas ti

He systematically explains all of the features and possible options of this powerful software for qualitative data analysis. Student licenses should not expire and prevent users from continuing to work with their data using their purchased version of the software.

Atlas ti

El taller evaluativamente fue excelente. Get free telephone support worldwide. The instructor really knows the software and is able to take learners step by step through learning its key features. Ludmila Layne University of New Mexico. Not Likely Extremely Likely.

It was witty, funny, and serious at the same time. Computer program for qualitative data analysis.

He provided comprehensive information and thorough analysis training, not just the mechanics of the program. Great inclusion of articles available in the Resources section. In this regard, the training is grounded in the analytic process and that is essential.

The class provided very useful information and guidance regarding analysis of different types of data. Moreover, he offers some important observations about qualitative research that make for more intelligent use of this software. Without the use of your product I would still be hand-coding and manually organizing many, many, many pages of transcripts for my thesis. Geographic locations can be coded and documents text, video, audio can be attached to specific geographic locations.

The go to for qualitative data analysis. The new user interface allows researchers to focus on the research and not on how to use the software. The company has plenty of documentation available for users to consult, and many instructional videos can be found easily online and on the company's website.

Atlas ti

Very accessible for students. Siantiago Najera Quito, Ecuador. It helps us to think about what we do.

Education Management, employees. Having been to several training classes on software applications I think this class is the best I have ever attended. Charles Delaney Professor, University of Alberta. The instructor was wonderful. The workshop was hands-on and the instructor quite responsive to the needs of each student.

The Qualitative Data Analysis & Research Software

However, despite this, it is very important that when analyzing with this tool, it is very important not to move the files where the data obtained in the research is held. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Some of them are listed below. If you develop a more advanced course, I will definitely take it. The workshop was very hands on.

Atlas ti

This was an exceptional training experience. The workshop provides a great opportunity to work on a qualitative analysis project while learning a variety of tools to help enhance and inform interpretation of findings. The teaching was very much fantastic. The course was extremely useful for those starting to learn how to use the software. It is an excellent introductory course.

Thank you for furnishing a well versed and experienced trainer who presented a balanced training and well navigated the difficult barriers of saturation and attention span. The course greatly exceeded my expectations! So incredibly smooth and user-friendly!