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But when you return, take a bath. Heck, Dharmendra was a thousand times more engaging in the recent Anurag Basu venture, Metro.

But for the sake for Dharmendra I sat through the movie. So what makes this a good film, nay, even near great sometimes? Katrina Kaif merely plays the standard bimbo doctor. The great point of the film is that here, sons try their best to achieve their father's dream. Also they should leave Bobby do some family business not movies please as we Dharmendra fans can't stand him anymore.

Its Dharmendra's show all over as he puts up a sensitive portrayal of trying to win back his honour by coaching the first prospective heavy weight boxing champion for the country. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby are lovable. When Karan reveals the world heavy champion cheated, Angad decides to return to boxing and win the title for his father. So my assertion doesn't come without reason.

Shilpa shetty is the traditional Punjabi wife of Angad. His bitterness and failure really came across very well. Kiron Kher is brilliant yet again in a natural performance. The liver transplant at the climax is over the top. What follows next is the struggle of the two sons to restore their father's lost honour by realizing his dream.

It has never been a secret that Dharmendra made the careers of his sons. But how the hell he got himself and his whole family into this mess of a movie is something I will never understand.

Thankfully, the film doesn't delve into stereotypes. This is not predictable sports film sports scenes, it's full of twists, edge of your seat action, drama, powerful performances and story intrigue. The best thing about the movie is minimal songs, thankfully, because I can't stand Himesh's voice. And that is the moment where this movie goes wrong.

They are going to go wild in India with these scenes. Sunny Deol as always was brilliant.

If you care about emotions then this is the movie for you. As boxers in the international level, both Bobby and Sunny have poor body, easily put to shame by the other boxers in the movie. Until then this genre needs more caving in Bollywood. His dream shattered, a disgraced Baldev retires with humiliation and resentment.

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The film, marking the coming together of the three Deols on the silver screen for the first time, is the story of familial bonding and conflicts. And he looks even worse with a hairy chest which again reminds me of an old bear only bear looks much better.

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Olympia Franco Columbo also a friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger. One can say this time son has relaunch their father in a big way.

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Told in the background of a-still-not-commercial-sport-in-India-boxing, omkaram sound mp3 Apne is a heart rending emotive display of Dharmendra to erase the blot on his sportive character. The Gross Collection of Apne was Rs. Apne was the last film which Reshammiya and Sonu Nigam worked together due to the issues between them both.

The plot weaves a script around these family relationships which at times are tedious but do have their strong moments. Screenplay does get engrossing as the movie progresses. Besides that, the camera work does not work for me.

Bobby also did the great job. For the sake of family he disappoint his father. But still Dharmendra is angry about Sunny. Camera and acting was not that great too. Kirron Kher is good in some scenes and over the top in others.

The movie's story develops gradually and as it does so it sucks you in. It could have been a good tear jerker, but it isn't.

The accents are not like they supposed to be. The Punjabi flavour and the fragrance of the fields of the India only adds to the patriotic feel. The cinematography by Kabir Lal is eye-catching. Boxing - the moment you utter the word probably only Mohammed Ali comes to the mind of Bollywood audience and the thought process ends at that.

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That's Dharmendra for you as ex-boxer Baldev Singh who struggles to meet life after being banned from the sport despite winning a silver medal for India in the Olympics. Boxing scenes were well directed, if not excellent.