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The elements of the band's fundamental sound are present, surrounded by unusual studio overdubs and effects. The Final Nightmare Freddy's Father uncredited. We'd found out that another band was called the Nazz.

Cooper's androgynous stage role had developed to present a villainous side, portraying a potential threat to modern society. Prime Cuts Video documentary Himself. We wanted to see what was next. Prince of Darkness Street Schizo. Feed My Frankenstein Video short.

Pet Rock announced Himself rumored. Dark Shadows Alice Cooper. Throughout his career, Cooper's philosophy regarding politics is that politics should not be mixed with rock music.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Lost in America Video short. The Metal Years Documentary Himself. Everybody still gets together and talks.

Walk Off The Earth

Cooper discussed various issues during the talk, including the horrors of acute alcoholism and his subsequent cure, being a Christian, and his social and work relationship with his family. Freedom Video short Alice Cooper. The legend that the name came from a session with a ouija board was later discredited. Don't Blame Me Video documentary Himself. It was like just pure urban legend.

One of the greatest moments of my life was getting pie-faced by Soupy. Vocals harmonica guitar piano. In an episode of Monk, Cooper is suspected by Monk, who is suffering from delusions at the time, to have murdered a man for his chair. Department of Youth Video short Alice Cooper. Video Trash Video short Himself.

Cooper contributed his likeness and over voice lines to Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle, a pinball machine released in by Spooky Pinball that also features ten songs performed by Cooper. For other uses, sid and nancy movie see Alice Cooper disambiguation. You and Me Video short Alice Cooper.

The Movie Documentary Himself. The resulting Bare Bones tour adopted a less-orchestrated performance style that had fewer theatrical flourishes and a greater emphasis on musicality. Lost in America Video short Alice Cooper. After ten years, we got pretty dry together. We fit much more in Detroit than we did anywhere else.

Alice Cooper

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The Sound of A Video short. The band relocated to their new mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. Guitarists Tommy Denander and Tommy Henriksen have contributed most of the guitars.

The band reached their commercial peak in with their sixth studio album Billion Dollar Babies. Levity Ball Video short Alice Cooper. In the same interview, he also said that the secret to a lasting and successful relationship is to continue going out on dates with one's partner. The musical connection with Zappa was apparent. With a string of successful concept albums and several hit singles, the band continued their grueling schedule and toured the United States again.

Soundtrack Actor Composer. Released as glam metal's popularity was on the wane, and just before the explosion of grunge, it failed to have the same commercial impact as its predecessor.


The Happy Haunting of America! Around this time, drummer John Speer was replaced by Neal Smith. Cooper again adopted a leaner, cleaner sound for his critically acclaimed release The Eyes of Alice Cooper. House of Fire Video short Alice Cooper. Paranormal Video short Alice Cooper.

Despite this, Cooper still managed to receive a cream pie in the face when performing at the Cincinnati Pop Festival. One critic has noted that Prime Cuts demonstrates how Cooper had used in contrast to similar artists who succeeded him themes of satire and moralisation to such good effect throughout his career. And I still feel that way. For the next year the band performed regularly around the Phoenix area with a huge black spider's web as their backdrop, the group's first stage prop.

Best Music Video, Long Form. The chicken instead plummeted into the first few rows occupied by wheelchair users, who reportedly proceeded to tear the bird to pieces.

Legends in Concert

House of Fire Video short. Following the tour, Cooper had himself hospitalized in a sanitarium for treatment, during which time the live album The Alice Cooper Show was released. Live from the Astroturf Documentary Himself. Cooper has also appeared in commercials for Callaway Golf equipment and was a guest of veteran British player and broadcaster Peter Alliss on A Golfer's Travels.

Alice Cooper

Furnier adopted the band's name as his own name in the s and began a solo career with the concept album Welcome to My Nightmare. Behind the scenes Cooper kept busy musically, working on new material in collaboration with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Teenage Frankenstein Video short. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

Welcome to My Nightmare Video short. Eighteen Live from the Astroturf Video short Himself. The Spiders American rock band and Alice Cooper band. Cooper sent her a bunch of flowers in gratitude for the publicity. List of Alice Cooper solo personnel.

The band's mix of glam and increasingly violent stage theatrics stood out in stark contrast to the bearded, denim-clad hippie bands of the time. Love's a Loaded Gun Video short.